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Hi guys -- I'm new to the board so I hope I don't wear out my welcome here by rambling.

I'm hoping for some support or advice on my low iron. Up until a few months ago I had a PCP that, although for years had been telling me that my iron was low, had never mentioned the word "anemia" and was never alarmist about anything. He never even brought up supplements. When I releocated recently I had a complete physical and blood work done by a new PCP. My new doctor was fairly surprised that it had never been brought up before, as my Ferritin levels are apparently at a 2. She was "alarmed".

She sent me to a hematologist and I had this appointment yesterday. You'll have to forgive me, but this is all new to me so I don't yet have the research in my playbook. My hemocrit (?) is a 28 and ferratin is a 2 so they wanted to keep me and do an IV iron infusion before I left their office. I felt okay before I went in. I'm often a bit tired but they seemed shocked that I was upright. But I am dead on my feet today. I feel like I've pulled an all nighter in college. I'm so exhausted, my feet and my shoulders feel heavy, my head hurts. Is this normal??! How long does this last?

They made it sound like I'd feel so much better. This is not better. I have another infusion scheduled for next week. Please tell me what to expect.

I will say that I've never been good at sitting still and I'm normally on the go all the time. I don't let myself get tired and I certainly don't admit when I am, so this is all very new. I have no restless legs, I have no heavy bleeding, I don't have a lot of anemic symptoms other than ice/odd cravings. My medical history includes Gastric Bypass in 2003 (obviously the reason for my malabsorption). I still carry a lot of weight on a little frame but I have great numbers where cholesterol and triglycerides are concerned. My blood pressure is usually an average of 100/70. I do have Epilepsy (which only just presented in 2011 at age 36). I also have a surgery scheduled next Wednesday for a muscle repair on my hip.

I'm completely freaked out by all of the above. Can someone explain to me the consequences of anemia and if anyone has similar numbers, I'd love to know about your experience and what I can expect.

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