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[QUOTE=kimeez13;5424574]One of the first signs besides being extremely exhausted, was my hair breaking off and not growing. My doctor told me its because I am so severely low in iron and that it takes months even years to get this low. I start my IV iron next week on top of oral iron I have been taking 3 times a day[/QUOTE]

In lots of women who are found to be anaemic their ferritin level, which is a protein that stores iron in the body and commonly just known as your "iron stores", is lower than 50ug/L. This means they experience hair loss.

Hair and nails aren't essential body organs so these are the first places in the body that suffer from iron deficiency if there is not enough iron in the body.

Hair loss stops when levels increase and hair starts growing properly when levels reach 80ug/L.

Unfortunately doctors aren't not taught this information unless they are dermatologists who specialist in trichology.

This is one reason why for years women who complained of hair loss when they were anaemic were not believed and many doctors still don't link iron deficiency to hair loss and nail issues. This is because you be anaemic and have high ferritin levels, have low ferritin levels and have normal haemoglobin levels and have both low ferritin and haemoglobin levels. If your ferritin levels are too low for you, you will suffer hair loss.

It should be noted that hair loss is linked to low levels of other vitamins and minerals as well as hormone disorders.

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