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I am trying to figure out what is going on with me.

The story is as follow:
I am a 44y old healthy adult that eat well and exercise
April 11, 2015 I donated blood ( I started donating a few months prior)
Aug 8, 2015 GI Dr put me on Tecta due to acid reflux (inflammation on throat)
Aug 21, 2015 Donated blood
Sep 25, 2015 Family Dr diagnosed me with H Pilory and took HPAC
Nov 6, 2015 Donated blood
Jan 7, 2016 I had dental surgery. I felt chest pain but dentist thought I was nervous
Jan 9, 2016 I went to see my Family Dr (substitute since Dr was on vaca) due to the chest pain. Family Dr asked to get an EEG and blood test. My hemoglobin was 132g/L which is just below normal. The Dr didn't say anything and I missed this
Feb 12, 2016 I donated blood
April 8, 2016 I donated blood (Last time - decided due to upcoming events)
April mid, 2016 I feel tired and have chest pain
May 2, 2016 I went to the ER due to chest pain. I get an EEG and blood test. I am dismissed and told must be GI related. My hemoglobin is 119g/L but I didn't know this until later
May 4, 2016 I went to see my Family Dr and was dismissed "everybody has pains now and then at your age"
May 18, 2016 I happen to have a physical. Family Dr notices my blood level from ER and asked for a new blood test. Blood test showed hemoglobin 117g/L (anemic). My ferritin level is 4 ug/L (yes FOUR extremely low). Dr asked me to take ferrous gluconate. I take 3 per day (stopped Tecta due to internet research)
June 8, 2016 a new blood test. Hemoglobin is 135g/L (just above lower limit). Ferritin is 14 ug/L (still very low)
July 7th I got an upper scope but waiting to hear results of samples in Aug
July 10, 2016 stopped ferrous gluconate since I was traveling and I wanted to get a blood test after stopping iron supplement for a few days. My vacation involved going to a town at 3500m and I got mountain sickness. Oxygen helped and I got over it after a few days. Later I got a cold and also got antibiotics
July 16, 2016 Another blood test (this paid by me while traveling). Hemoglobin is 151g/L (better). My ferritin is however back at 10 ug/L (very low). My serum iron is 59 ug/dL (lower limit is 50)

Long story but I don't understand what has happened. Did Blood donation cause this? Would Tecta impact my iron absorption? Why did my ferritin came down again? Would having a cold or been in high altitude impact it? Is it expected for ferritin to come down while recovering from anemia?
I still don't understand the anemia but maybe not important now that I have recovered

Ultimately and most importantly why is my ferritin so very low (4 initially???) and how do I raise it? I just purchased ferrous fumarate since I feel I need to step it up on iron supplementation.
Is my doctor taking this serious enough already or should I be in some other iron program?
Any comments are appreciated

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