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Battling anemia
Oct 2, 2016
Three weeks ago I had bloodwork done and found out my hemoglobin was at 8. My iron level is 14 normal value 50 to 212 mcg and ferritin was at 8 normal is 12 to 212 ng/ml. I have been on iron pills 250mg extended release for the past week. Last Thursday I passed out at work. I went to the doctor he did a stat cbc and my hemoglobin had went up .3 so its now 8.3. He attributed my passing out to a viral infection. Im religously taking my iron pill but i am not sure if my body is absorbing it the way it should be. Emotionally i am a mess. Simple things like walking a short distance leave me breathless. If i move suddenly or attempt stairs my heart starts pounding in my ears. I get dizzy and see black spots and sometimes have a constant ringing in my ears. When i lay down my legs tingle and I have to keep moving them..i cant sleep. Im craving dirt..the thought of it makes my mouth nails have ridges in them and my lips are dry all the time. Just standing is a chore sometimes. Im extremely irratable and emotional all the time. Before i was diagnosed with anemia i thought i was just seriously sleep deprived because i have a large family and i work two jobs. I am also diabetic I am medication and diet controlled. I had a gastric bypass 4 yrs ago i use vitamin patches to get the vitamins including b12 that i need as my body will not absorb b12 pills. In february when my a1c was checked my hemoglobin was 11 so i figure since than its been on the downfall. I have felt this way for months. I never even told these symptoms to my dr because i figured i just needed extra sleep. I am not feeling better...evenings are the worst. I am scared if i tell my dr he will think im being a hypochondriac because i never mentioned them before. But i cannot go on like this. I just want to feel better!!!

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