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Hi everyone - first post, here.

The last several weeks I've been fatigued (needing a couple naps a day sometimes, and still tired), off balance, feel like my legs are going to give out from under me, chest burning/shortness of breath with the lightest of activity (climbing stairs, washing the car, etc.), occasional numbness in hands.

The first doctor I went to suggested I try to ignore it (which I had already been trying to do). The second ran some more comprehensive bloodwork. Everything came back in normal ranges (except my Vitamin D, which was a smidge low). My ferritin count was 30. B12 was 470. Thyroid panel was normal. I started taking 5,000 mcg/day methyl B12 a week ago as it seems like I should bring that number up.

I eat a vegan diet and so supplemented both of those with a multivitamin as I know they can be problematic if I don't, but have never had the numbers tested before now. I'm guessing the multivitamin isn't helping all that much...

So...despite being "normal" I'm not feeling like my normal, happy go lucky, active self at all. I suspect the ferritin number indicates low iron despite being in range. Could I be on the right track?

My plan is to start supplement iron more thoroughly than I am right now. I ordered some ferrous bis-glycinate and should receive it today. What dosage can I take?

What information did I forget to share, too? Thanks everyone!

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