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I have had anemia since 2011. The anemia was very mild; my doctor put me on a low dose iron pill and I went from slightly anemic to barely not anemic and she told me not to worry about the anemia because it was probably genetic.

I did worry about it, because a) I had up until then always had very iron-rich blood, even during pregnancy; b) I had just had my diet flagged for eating too much iron and c) I was perimenopausal. But my hemoglobin returned to normal and I quit worrying.

In March, I started feeling really lousy in many ways; in May, I went to the doctor and several things turned up on lab tests, all of which have been resolved except the anemia, which had gotten worse.

My last CBC came back with:

HEMOGLOBIN 10.5 G/DL 12.0 - 15.6 G/DL
Hematocrit 33.2 % 35.0 - 46.0 %
MCV 71.1 FL 80.0 - 100.0 FL
MCH 22.5 PG 27.0 - 33.0 PG
MCHC 31.7 G/DL 32.0 - 36.0 G/DL
RDW 19.0 % 9.0 - 15.0 %
Platelet count 423 K/MM3 130 - 400 K/MM3

I was told that these were not terrible numbers and no one was particularly concerned, although further tests were ordered. But then my iron levels came back:

IRON 28 MCG/DL 35 - 175 MCG/DL
TIBC 461 MCG/DL 200 - 450 MCG/DL
Saturation Ratios 6 % 12 - 57 %
Ferritin 8 NG/ML 18 - 204 NG/ML

And now there is a little more interest.

So first question--am I right in thinking that my iron levels have been going down for some time while my hemoglobin has remained relatively stable?

Can anyone take a guess at how long it will take to get my iron levels back up to normal? I feel mostly fine, but my hair is falling out and I'd like it to stop :P.

I have a hiatal hernia, GERD, chronic gastritis and a whole host of other stomach issues. The hematologist believes that my stomach and/or hiatal hernia is bleeding. I had an EDG and colonoscopy in 2014 and no bleeders were found then. But let's say that they find something bleeding--what, if anything, are they likely to do about it? I've been told that I will have to take omeprazole every day forever(which has scary side effects), but I'm wondering if they are likely to do anything to actually stop the bleeding?

The hematologist told me that he thought I was a good candidate for iron infusions, which I would much prefer to taking high dose iron pills, but is this something I am likely to have to do forever?

I do have appointments with my hematologist and gastroenterologist coming up and I am sure they will have answers for me, but it takes forever to get in (especially with the hematologist) and I was just curious if anyone had any insight.

Apologies if my lab tests are funky looking.

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