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Hey, I was at the E.R. a few nights ago because my blood pressure was kind of high. The doctor did a bunch of blood work and sent me home with a script for some bp meds, Said all my blood work was fine and to follow up with my regular doc. My appointment isn't for a couple of weeks but looking over these results they don't look normal to me. Ill only post the abnormal ones.

Neut A (Mine 10.4)[B] High[/B] ( Normal range1.5-10.0)
MPV ( Mine 6.2) [B]Low[/B] ( Normal range 6.5-12.0)
Hct ( Mine 40.9 %) [B] Low[/B] ( Normal range 42.0-52.0)
RDW ( Mine11.6 %) [B]Low[/B] ( Normal range 12.1-14.9)
Lym % ( Mine 16)[B] Low[/B] ( Normal range 21-47)
Hgb ( Mine 13.7) [B]Low[/B] ( Normal range 14.0-18.0)

I am a 42 yo white male. Basic online searches say anemia but if it was wouldn't the er doctor have said so? Btw i have been very very tired lately.

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