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Hi Everyone -

I have an appointment to see my hematologist on 12/12 but until then I thought I'd look around here to see if I can find similar stories or some answers.

My OB found I was severely anemic at my first prenatal appointment last year. So much so that she thought I had been anemic for some time and just had no reason to be tested for it until then. Before that, I did have an experience with anemia when I was about 14-15. Always had extremely heavy menstrual cycles and was put on birth control and iron pills. I don't remember specifics of any numbers or the severity and at that age, I didn't much care :)
I remember that I didn't take many of the iron pills because they made me sick. But honestly don't remember anything ever coming of it afterward.

Fast forward 15 years, and I'm 31 and got pregnant last year and as I said, my OB did bloodwork and found that I was very anemic.
The numbers she took as of September last year were:
RBC...................4.49 Million/uL
Hemoglobin .........8.2 g/dL
Hematocrit..........27.5 %
MCV...................61.2 fL
MCH...................18.3 pg
RDW...................19.5 %
Hgb A..................97.1 %
Hgb F Quant........<1.0 %
Hgb A2 Quant........1.9 %

She placed me on iron pills again and I become very ill, puking within 30 minutes of taking them everytime and quite violently. Add to that pregnancy sickness as well and I was not a happy camper. She then referred me to a hematologist. I don't have the results handy that she pulled but it was within a week of the ones above so it wouldn't have been much different, other than maybe a little more specialized. She mentioned a few blood disorders, one of them thalassemia but said she wanted to treat it as just iron deficiency anemia first and after I give birth, if I continue to have problems that I would come back for more testing.
She put me on iron transfusions via IV and I had about 15 of those, 1 or 2 a week. I did feel better initially but that soon tapered off and I was tired again. I assumed it was due to pregnancy.
I was supposed to have went back after the transfusions for a recheck but being so sick with the pregnancy and my son came early so I just blew it off.
He was delivered in April and since then I've been on a steady decline with the way I feel daily. I assumed most of it was due to a new baby because I'm sure some of you know how exhausting that can be but I also felt like something else was going on. I didn't begin menstruating again until about 3 months ago and the first one was normal but last month I began menstruating and HAVE. NOT. STOPPED.........:eek:
It's not been heavy at all, but a steady just enough to **** you off flow every single day, which hasn't helped my situation.

So two weeks ago, I got food poisoning, a HORRIBLE case of food poisoning that almost put me in the hospital. I went to a doc in the box for IV fluids and the dr there happened to be very knowledgeable (seemingly) about anemia. She immediately said (among my other food poisoning symptoms) that I was very anemic. I was pale, the roof of my mouth was white and other things. So she took blood work and so it starts again. Now being a doc in a box, she didn't take very specialized blood work like I had above. This is what I got back:
Iron Serum........................36
Unsaturated IBC.................406
Calculated Total TIBC..........442
Calculated % Iron Sat.........8%

She also ran full bloodwork on everything else to rule out anything else going on, i.e, thyroid, vitamin deficiency etc. All of that came back normal. She suspected maybe pernicious anemia but my B vitamins were on the higher range.

So I guess I'm fishing for any comments. My thoughts are, could it still be iron deficiency anemia if I had all those transfusions and it's even lower now? And I read that thalassemia is genetic and as far as I know no one in my family has had any diagnosis of anemia, that's not to say they don't have it but just have never been diagnosed.

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