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I can only speak to my own issues that may or may not be similar to yours. But I take Toprol XL for palpitations (extra heart beat) that is related to Mitral Valve Prolapse that I've had most or all of my life. And it helps. It's not a cure.

I've read that anemia can and often does cause this along with anxiety. I've had anxiety most of my life and take medication for it too. But the anxiety and heart beat problem were increased by the anemia. The iron seems to be helping both, although it's giving me constipation to some extent.

I don't know about the herb your mentioned but I try to be careful with those things because some of them can cause problems. They're not all safe with everyone. I've had some problems with a couple I tried in my lifetime.

I suggest you try mindfulness meditation. Fast heart rate and anxiety go together. One leads to the other. And you can hold your nose and hold your breath for 12 seconds and it should put your heart rate back to normal.
I agree with Rico, some herbs can cause problems, the only one I trust is the chamomile I been drinking it for years and it really does have a calming effect. It even can help you sleep. Did the Dr. say your heart rate is abnormal? I have a high heart rate in the 90s and that is normal for me. Do you take any medications?

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