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So I donated blood a four times last year and last time my haemoglobin wasn't high enough. They sent off to their lab for tests which shows haemoglobin 95g/L (I think this is US 9.5?), haematocrit, MCV, MCV all slightly low, RDW high, ferritin 5 (range 20-170).
I'm guessing all this is from too much donating plus I had surgery and lost 1/2 the amount of blood of a regular donation.
The letter said to contact Doctor, who I imagine will prescribe iron tablets. I've had these in the past and have made me nearly throw up and took incredibly long to work.
So, a few questions.
1)Is there an alternative to tablets? I've heard of iron infusions but I guess my levels aren't low enough.
2)How is your blood affected when you donate other than lowering your ferritin/possibly haemoglobin? Are RBC lowered? Mine were normal, but I though you needed iron (ferritin) to make RBC? Also haemoglobin is needed for RBC to carry oxygen?
3)So for anaemia to happen (to the point of being severe), would ferritin be reduced first, then haemoglobin, then RBC? With other things being affected along the way?
Sorry for all the questions.

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