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I would consider the infusions. I had a ferritin of 27 and completed two infusions last month and it has changed my life. I am four months postpartum and lost too much blood since delivery that oral iron couldn't help. From my understanding, you won't feel "human" until your ferritin reaches 50 and most hematologists want it over 100. You won't ever get that climb with oral iron. It'll take a year or five, so I've been told. Anyway, not trying to persuade you, but infusions are worth considering. I didn't have a choice bc I was so breathless and had heart palpitations and dizziness and I just couldn't risk landing in the ER again, esp with my period right around the corner (more blood loss). Anyway, the infusions, I believe, saved my life. I had no reactions (I had Feraheme), however I was achy and tired for a couple days after. While I'm still not all the way "normal", I've made amazing strides. I hope you feel better soon!
I drink tea and eat chocolate. I probably do have some anxiety at times. All my health issues make me anxious! But really, I get the heart palpitations at odd times. Usually when I am just sitting . The worst is when I walk down a small hallway at home and get so out of breath I have to sit down. Going to see a doctor tomorrow about a few things so we will see how it goes.

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