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Most doctors including mine, is really only interested in your hemaglobin level, as the majority of your iron is found in hemaglobin. If those numbers are normal, than they say your not anemic and everything is roses. I have been to a few doctors and when I bring up the word ferritin they look at me like i have 3 heads. They don't seem very interested or concerned if its low, its the hemaglobin and the tests done in the CBC they are concerned with. Not sure why, maybe its something they learned in medical school. Do you drink soda or drink coffee or eat chocolate, just wondering because you said your heart races sometimes mine does too, if i eat chocolate mostly but it may be from the caffeine in it. Also, do you have anxiety, I know for me right before that time of the month I get anxiety symptoms and heart racing feelings too. I think its tied to pms or something.

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