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I have had a checkup which is how my GP found the anemia. She made me come back to test more iron stores and said they are low. She referred me to a hematologist /oncologist. I had a full blood workup with the hemotologist and my hemoglobin had increased a little bit on it's own. Maybe it gets lower around my cycle? Anyway, she said i need to take folic acid. So she prescribed 1mg which is the max dose daily that a person can take. I am afraid it's too much but I will trust she knows what she is talking about. I recheck bloodwork in a couple months. As far as iron, she said i am borderline and she said i could go ahead and start taking iron if i want to now or wait until next check up. I said i would rather wait as i know that iron usually causes worse side effects for me. It makes me very nauseous and stomach upset. But i may have to take it depending on my numbers next time. When you were diagnosed, what was your hemoglobin? Mine was a 10 and last check it was up to 12 so i guess mine is just right on the edge of normal. But always concerned why the numbers are low anyway. My folic acid is at a 4 and ferrritin is 15 :( Not off the chart but def low normal. How are you doing on Iron. Any side effects?
Wow your ferritin is really low. Do you have trouble with hair loss? I lose hair like crazy from low ferritin. As far as the iron. Have you tried the infusions at all? It stinks that taking iron causes so many side effects. Almost makes you not want to take it. I feel about the same with the folic acid. Maybe a little less tired but still get short of breath etc. Rico..what is rdw?
I agree with you guys on the infusions. It would have to be the last resort or close to it. The side effects are not too pleasant. But a lot of people do rave they feel a lot better but it takes a couple weeks. I guess for the iron to rebuild the blood. Since finding out about my low iron, I have been eating a lot more iron foods. I buy the instant cream of wheat and eat that a few times a week, along with instant grits. I do eat cereal at night as a snack, I usually eat Total or Quaker Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares, it has a high amount of iron in it and is pretty tasty. Another thing I eat which I really don't like that much is sardines, they have a good amount of iron though. I buy the ones in olive oil. I also upped my red meat and have a hamburger and steak once a week. Diet helps but we need that extra boost with the iron supplement to raise our iron levels. Rico, I bought some prunes the other day, sunmaid and they are actually very good! I also eat peanut butter but not sure how great that is for iron i mainly eat it because i love it.
Sunny Daisy,

I read back through all the posts. Why are you set against infusions? Yes, I also read about side effects prior to getting my infusions but I had none of them. I think they are very rare. I also kinda had no choice, as I felt like possible side effects from an infusion were better than what I was going through.

Your ferritin is terribly low. I realize all our bodies are different and what might be low for me (27), might not be so terrible for someone else, but when I think of your low ferritin number, I can't imagine how you're coping. You really aren't going to raise your ferritin with iron supplements, esp if you're still having the heavy cycles. Have you seen a hematologist?

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