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[QUOTE=tiredofissues;5455929]How much do you take of each? Do you know what your hemoglobin was at last check ? Are you feeling better from taking the supplements??[/QUOTE]

My hemoglobin was 11.5 and normal at my lab is 11.6. Of course that's low normal. That was in March so I expect it's normal now. It was 9 before so I'm pleased. All the other numbers are normal. HCT is 36.9, low normal but normal and it was low.The RDW is still high and MCHC low but the doctor was not concerned. Platelets, which were high, are now very normal at 343.

I take 324mg of iron gluconate daily. Just one pill. 400 mg of folic acid. I take another 400 mg in my multi. So I get 800 a day. And 5000mcg B-12. It's a really good combination for me and while I don't feel like running around the block, I do have more energy and do feel better and have fewer pains.

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