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[QUOTE=merankorii;5453323]I was recently diagnosed with iron deficiency but my doctor said that I was not actually anemic, just deficient. I am not pregnant or trying to become pregnant, but I have started taking a prenatal with 30mg of Iron (as Amino Acid Chelate) for other health reasons. I want to know if I can also safely take generic SlowFE (50mg Iron as Ferrous Sulfate) in the same day as my prenatal. I want to make sure I am getting plenty of iron, but of course I do not want too much.

Here are my abnormal (or close to abnormal) blood test results related to iron:
Iron = Result: [B]20[/B] | Range: 28-170
Ferritin = Result: [B]11.7[/B] | Range: 11.0-306.8
FE % Saturation = Result: [B]5[/B] | Range: 15-50

Thanks for your help![/QUOTE]

I only want to tell you from my experience and not try to tell you what is best for you. Your numbers are pretty low. In fact, your iron and hemoglobin, if I read those right, are lower than what mine currently are.

I take one 324mg tablet of Ferrous Gluconate daily and my blood is rebuilding nicely. I get other iron in liver and foods. I don't take any vitamins with iron because I am an older woman. If I were young, I'd take a multi with vitamin. But, as a young woman, I took the vitamin with iron plus Geritol.

I don't think you'd be getting too much iron if you added an iron tablet. At least for a short time until you can get a follow-up blood test. If you added a 324 Ferrous Gluconate tablet, you would only be getting around 30, 35 mg of elemental iron and that's not a major dose by any means. (I assume the iron you already take is elemental but it may not be.)

But, having said that, I think you should ask your doctor if this is ok because you really should ask a doctor prior to adding an iron tablet to your diet or treatment. I just would not take iron without visiting with a doctor. I doubt you'd get too much and it sounds like you need it but I am sure no doctor and in no way would encourage you to take extra iron without talking to a doctor.

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