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HI there Foggy,

Are you sure that your dizziness, blurred vision and brain fog isn't from something else entirely and not your iron, I was thinking maybe low blood sugar or something. Like if you don't eat or if you don't eat enough, sometimes it could be hypoglycemia.

My cbc has always come back with normal Hgb, but I had all the symptoms of anemia, it wasn't until I saw a new DR who said did anyone ever check your Iron levels? It was then that my ferritin came back at a 12. Like you, exhausted, hair falling out, the whole 9. Since then I have been taking the iron supplements which I hate more than anything. My stomach has never felt so bad. I also suffer with really bad heavy menstrual cycles and was put on birth control pills too. Like everyone says it will take years to get ferritin back up to 100 so I will ask my DR about infusions when i see him in April. I am ready to put an end to this now. I can't believe how common low iron is. I never would of thought it was.

That is awesome that your ferritin went up to 186! Did you have any side effects to the Venofer and how long did each infusion take? I wish I could answer more of your questions but I haven't had infusions yet but a lot of people do say it takes time to kick in and for symptoms to disappear completely. But your on the right track and its coming, that is the beauty of it!

I do get brain fog at times, but I am also at the age of peri menopause and wonder if its from that or the low iron, I have no idea, but I do get it from time to time and its very frustrating to be talking to someone and all of a sudden you can't think of the right word you want to say or something. Dizziness I don't get that often and blurred vision I do get when I don't eat and my sugar is low.

Walking is so healthy and is very good for you, I am going to start once the warm weather comes if it ever does!

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