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[QUOTE=tiredofissues;5458456]Hi. I have been diagnosed with anemia. I have low iron readings and I will probably have to start taking iron pills. But my ferritin has been low for years. Last year it was a 22 and at recent check it was a 14. I have read that ferritin has to be above 50 to feel good yet my doctors never seem concerned with the number. I have hair loss and fatigue and thought it could be because of low ferritin. But they always say my ferritin. Is fine.[/QUOTE]

Sorry you are having issues. Your doctor doesn't realize that low ferritin can cause so much trouble. Mine was at 30 and I felt like death even though my hemoglobin was 12.1. It took me 10 months to bring ferritin up to 108 and hemoglobin to 13.5 and that was taking 65mg iron three times daily plus blackstrap molasses twice daily. I feel much better now.

You likely need to take the iron for awhile before numbers come up and symptoms reduce. Find a good supplement that doesn't upset tummy and be consistent and check regularly. What were your other numbers on the iron panel?

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