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May 30, 2017
Hello ) I am new. This is a wonderful platform and I was hoping you could advice, please, as to how I can treat my mild anemia. Here are my recent results:

Hemoglobin 132 g/l ( 135-175)
MCV 80.9 fl (82-98)
MCH 26.8 pg (28-34)

WBC 6,0 (4.0-10.0)

Hematocrit 0.4 ( 0.4-0.5)

Vitamin D Total 34,3 (>75)

Fe-iron 8,7 umol/L (4.8-24,7)

PLT 310 (150-400)

I know the case is mild, but I still want to address it so it does not get worse. I am confused as to how.
1)My iron levels are fine. Can it still be iron defficiency and would taking supplements help to bring my hemoglobin up?
2)Can low vitamin D be also responsible for this slight anemia? I also had a root canal done two days prior the test. Not sure if that's a factor or not as well.
3) Also, I read somewhere that MCV less then 85 is a potential sign of internal bleeding. Is that also right?

What would you suggest? Thank you all tremendously for any suggestions xxxx

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