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[QUOTE=ratbagg;5465879]Thanks wnorn,

I'm in Montreal too. I pay a private lab for my Iron panel. My problem is that I'm totally hypothyroid. If your iron is too low or too high your thyroid doesn't work. To get my ferritin down I'll have to donate blood probably a few times to get it into range. My MD's completely ignore this too. My husband is the opposite he has ferritin at the bottom of range and he is hypothyroid as well. So he suffers low iron symptoms and hypothyroidism as well.[/QUOTE]

Sorry I took so long to respond. I thought a lot about your question.Since we are both in medical limbo in Quebec, I guess we will have to play doctor or move to Ontario. I'm still upset that I had to undergo years of absolute exhaustion, hair loss, etc. until I bit the bullet and submitted my own ersatz blood test request.
Tell me, why can't you take your blood test prescription to a hospital instead of privately? Some hospitals are quicker than others to do the tests.Mount Sinai Hospital is great. You just have to call 4eception and book your appointment. Theyare usually ~ 7:30 - 9:30 am Mon -Fri. Just check first.Then you can just contact your gp for the results. Why are you still taking iron? I don't understand.

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