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My 16 yr old daughter has headaches, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, weak, tired, body aches, shortness of breath, insomnia, and even some nausea and loss of appetite (she hasn't lost weight). She started with headaches after bumping her head and was treated for a concussion. The neurologist thinks her headaches are a result of something else and has referred her back to her pediatrician. She had clean MRI and EKG and normal blood pressure. However, her blood work showed she is anemic:

ferritin iron - 2
serum iron - 28
white blood count - 7.72
heomglobin - 10.6

This is the second time she has been diagnosed with anemia (first time was heavy periods and received the birth control pill to help - which she is still taking). She has been referred to a hematologist but that is a two-week wait. In the meantime, she is taking iron pills but is feeling worse and can't/won't go to school some days. This has been going on for 6 weeks and she is really behind in school. She is convinced something is really wrong and says "Mom, I just don't feel right."

Are all of these signs of anemia? How long before her iron pills will help? Thanks!

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