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I am 33. Single and having acid reflux for four years this year and been on different PPIs on and off. For the same reason I have been on a very strict diet not eating any fruit but bannana, no juice, no vegetables and I have never been a fan of meat so I ate very little meat too. Due to that I lost 5 kilogram of my weight and went down to 42. I am 160cm. So I am very thin. 5 months ago I suddenly had an episode of blood pressure dropping, stomach cramps, vomitting and went to ER. I was said it was because of hot weather. I had tiredness, irritability and heart palpitations after that. But I put it all on my acid reflux and just took more PPI. I saw two two enternists and a Cardiologist and several GPs. All saying I had no issue with my heart or stomach. 'You are just too weak and start to eat and gain weight' Till finally two months ago I passed out several times because of low blood pressure and each time doctors told me it was anxiety sending me to a psychologist. She had me do complete blood test and it turned out I was severely anemic with Ferittin of 13/20 and low HG and HC. My viatmin B12 was 139 with normal range from 190-1000 with low vitamin D of 11.5 with normal range from 30. I was on 100mg Ferrus sulphate for two weeks. But I couldn't tolerate it due to my gut problem. So I started having Feramax 100 one a day that gave me intense nausea. I kept having it for 4 weeks and during this 6 weeks I had my periods twice too. Having my second blood work my Hg and Hc back to the very end of normal and my ferittin to a 16 so still low. My B12 back to normal with injections. About 4 weeks ago I started Easy iron 28mg once a day. It's gentle on my stomach but I still have no energy, weekness in legs, sometimes shoulders and arms, headache and can't walk and stand for more than 10 mins. I pass out after my periods at least once. Haven't done my new blood work yet. But from what I feel I don't think my levels have gone up significantly. Has anyone tried Easy iron 28mg? How long it takes for the levels to raise with it and all symptoms to go away? I don't feel like myself at all and am so weak.
You didn't indicate your hemoglobin level - is it in normal range?

I ended up in ER after 4 yrs on rabeprazole (for hiatal hernia) plus what GI tests finally turned up, a longterm very slow leak of blood from 1/2 aspirin/day therapy/ NSAIDs causing tiny ulcers to come & go. [Gastro said no more aspirin or ibuprofen ever; use tylenol.] Rbcs were depleted & misshapen. I was going about normal life w/some odd symptoms. When it got hard to mount stairs & short of breath w/exertion I finally got in for a checkup. Needed transfusion of several units blood & also 2 units of iron. Follow-up w/hematologist: he first had me try iron pills w/orange juice for a while; determined I was not digesting it. He says this is primarily due to the PPI which in some people-- those who aren't efficient at digesting iron in the first place-- creates such a low-acid stomach environment that they barely digest any-- exacerbated by hiatal hernia digestive issues. Had to repeat the iron transfusion monthly for 3 months before iron got into low-normal range (like yours is now). After that it continued climbing on its own for another 3-6 mos, & rbcs/ iron have stayed in good range for 3 yrs. Hematologist checks 3-4x/yr.

As it turns out the hiatal hernia got much worse (became paraesophageal) & just had successful surgery repair - no more PPIs for me. (Don't worry, paraesoph hh is very rare). But hematologist would have otherwise continued checking 3-4x/yr as he said combo of PPI & hh digest issues meant I would eventually need another iron transfusion.

Assume you already have a gastro - should maybe consult a hematologist too - get regular cbc - keep a sharp eye on rbc (hemoglobin & hematocrit) & get the iron studies periodically (ferratin & transferrin).

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