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Last year I found out my iron was low when I was about 6 months pregnant. I had a c section in December and since then I have really felt like I just can't get better. I figured it was my iron because of all the symptoms I had (exhaustion, breathlessness, heart palpitations, dizziness). My husband has stayed home with me to help with the baby because some days I could barely move. I found out I was anemic about 6 weeks ago and doctor started me on ferrex 150mg. I had only taken it once a day and had my blood tested again after a month and my levels had risen significantly but I barely feel any better. I'm not in the normal range just yet but I still feel really tired. My breathlessness is the main thing that bothers me. It happens randomly and even when I'm laying down. It feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. It's not half as bad as it was a couple months ago but I just feel like I'll never get better. Could most of this be because of all the stress from pregnancy, c section, anemia, and basically being stressed out over everything? I thought I was starting to get better because some days I completely forgot about it all but it just comes right back. And sometimes when I try to fall asleep I get this weird feeling in my chest and it makes me almost afraid to fall asleep. Also, I'm on the pill to lighten my periods and I'm on my second dose of antibiotics to hopefully get rid of this pharyngitis for good this time. I was in the er a month ago for swollen neck glands and they were badly infected. I'm guessing the anemia just weakened my immune system so I didn't fight it all off completely. I just really need someone to let me know that I'll get better eventually and all of this will go away. Thanks.

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