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I ended up sending my May 31st labs to the doctor who took the labs on July 9th to get her thoughts. I wanted her to know that my anemia had actually gotten worse. Hopefully she will get back to me with something. I've also been doing some research, and my labs look like they could suggest sideroblastic anemia. However, none of the causes seemed relevant. There were some sites that said in some cases, the cause is unknown. Another thing is the extra iron I was taking. When I found out I was iron deficient and anemic from the May 31st labs, I started back on a multivitamin with iron. I had stopped taking one about a year and a half ago, the reasons for which I won't get into now. When I saw the hematologist for the first time on June 18th, she said that she didn't think a multivitamin would be enough. She didn't think that doubling up on my multivitamin to get more iron was a good idea because of the fat-soluble vitamins in it. This in spite of the fact I'd taken two multivitamin tablets a day in the past with no known issues. However, I've never been able to take iron tablets without issues. I've tried various forms, ferrous sulfate, ferrous gluconate, and carbonyl iron. I was loathe to take iron supplements, but I thought I would try at a very low level at least for my hematologist's benefit. I decided to take 65 mg of ferrous sulfate with 100 IU of vitamin E twice a week. In less than a month, I started feeling terrible (just feeling bad in general, not just GI distress), and it was the weekend after the July 9th labs that I decided to stop taking the extra iron and vitamin E. I've felt better since that time. If it wasn't the iron/vitamin E combo, then I must have caught a bug or something. Anyway, I do wonder if that extra might have been too much somehow and caused my worsening anemia. Since my iron labs are normal and even on the low side for some of the markers and since many people take much more iron than that a day safely, I don't see the hematologist believing this. Right now, I'm just not sure and will just have to wait and see what my doctors say. If, however, there are others reading this that have experienced similar, I would love to hear from you!

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