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I first suffered from low ferritin levels in 2012 when my level was 6, the doctor told me to take iron tablets and that was that nothing was done to find out the cause etc.

Today I went to the doctors with similar symptoms as I was having when my levels were low last time. Tiredness, dizziness when standing etc it's not fun as I'm sure most of you already know.

At my appointment, the nurse has arranged blood tests for the end of the month to check ferritin and b12 levels which is good but she also mentioned my last blood test (last year for a pre-op) showed ferritin of 11. This really frustrated me because nobody told me it was low back then I was simply told my blood tests were fine.

I just can't believe nobody said and that it's even acceptable for them to not tell me and I have now been suffering from these symptoms for the last year when I could have been treating it. It seems to me it's not taken seriously at all and the attitude of a lot of healthcare professionals is that it's just something women have to deal with. Grr.

If my tests come back at 11 or less should this be treated and should an investigation be done to find out why it's low? Is it possible to request an iron infusion or is that not routinely offered? Also, does anyone know why the level is so varied from 20 to 300 is what the nurse told me and I don't understand how there can be such a drastic difference...

I would be grateful to hear your story on being treated for low ferritin.

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