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I am a 59 year old WM who had a Fusion done on my neck C5-6-7 2003, with chronic pain commencing 2 months post op to this day. After gaining 60 pounds due to inactivity, I elected to have weight loss surgery (Gastrectomy), and am about 60 pounds lighter.

Back in February this year I started having restless legs syndrome, which caused insomnia. I have also had an issue of reflux, and have been on Prilosec for over 10 years, with my GI doctor increasing my dose to twice a day.

After a trial with Magnesium didn't relieve Restless Legs, I had blood work, and was found to be borderline anemic, along with low ferritin. Unable to tolerate Ferrous Sulfate, I switched to Ferrous Gluconate, supplementing with Vitamin C, B12, Niacin, and Folate, in addition to a Multivitamin with minerals. My symptoms started improving after a week of Iron supplementation.

4 months after my first labs, the most recent labs showed an improvement of Hemoglobin and Hematocrit, but my Ferritin levels dropped from 31 to 19, and my iron saturation % also dropped.

Any suggestions as to what to do? I know the Prilosec affects acid in the stomach, which is affecting iron absorption. Have any of you had any improvements with Heme Iron supplements?

I am still tired and have low energy, and still have Restless Legs, but it is much less of a problem.

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