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I wrote this in parts, at a couple sittings. It is for my wife, whom I love very much. I tend to overreact sometimes. Trying not to now. I myself suffer depression and anxiety...As if I don't have enough to worry about already.:) It's kind of long, kind of too much info, who knows, but if you have any info or comments, thoughts, anything really, I sure would appreciate it.

I guess, my concern starts with why now? She didn't start her period until just a few days after her transfusion. Granted, she went awhile without any blood work. That, because she had no different symptoms or anything to indicate there were any changes going on inside her....

Thank you.

Hello. Actually, this is my first time posting here. I normally just read. Today, at the 11íth hour, I post. Please forgive me for rambling and length. Try as I might, I always ramble and Iím always too long. My wife has iron deficient anemia and has had for several years now. She does not tolerate oral iron supplements well at all. Therefore has never taken them for more than a few days at a time.Except a short period of Feriva 21/7 that was given her by her Dr. Those did not upset her stomach and probably would still be taking them were it not fr the very prohibitive cost. After we realized they were going to cost....I don't even remember, but I would do most anything for her, and even I didn't bat an eye when wife told me how much they were and she just wouldn't take them.

That is a whole new discussion there. With our insurance, the Feriva was somewhere around 600-800 per month. After insurance...Most anything we had a script for at that time was $10....Lexapro, Xanax, regular iron pills..We have a different plan now,Ö.I need to look into that. Maybe less now. She tolerated those and would take them.

I digress. Forgive me. So....She always just been tired, sluggish...I find her hair in the shower. That always kinda makes me sad. She feels tired and sluggish, but she sure doesn't act it. She is a wonderful wife, mother, friend and daughter to us all. She works full time and still has time fr all those other things we need. She just does it. Whatever it is, she just does it. No complaints, no excuses.....She is amazing. When we do get her straight and hopefully out of the anemic classification, I'm almost afraid of the energy she will have... Oh....She's 36 and otherwise very healthy. Takes Lexapro for a bit of depression, which frankly, if she could get the anemia stuff straight, probably wouldn't take the lexapro. Sorry. I am no good at short. Told you all that, to get to this. One other thing. She has flirted with being anemic since before the birth of our children. Two children, 10, and 8. Both vaginal, both unremarkable for mom or kids. She's a super trooper. Some of her levels have always been on the low side. About three years ago is when she was diagnosed Anemic, and about two years ago, her primary sent her to a Hematologist. Damn....That scared me half to death. I love this woman. Very much. I sometimes do maybe overreact. Worry too much. She's had 3 infusions in the last 2 years. Fairly calm and steady in between though. Except this time. It came about rather quickly, and with more vigor.

Vigor to the point her fingers turned blue one day. She gets winded walking up the steps. Her hands go numb and her feet feel like pins and needles when she stands up....This is all new. I'm assuming all these are anemia related???

They have tested everything there is to test, I suppose...Every possible test you can run on blood has been run. All in agreement it is Iron Deficient Anemia due to blood loss. Thats the diagnosis. From the hematologist. Her Primary had initially diagnosed it Chronic Anemia. Again....Scared to death with worry. But after many visits with Hematologist, he ruled out any other contributing issues. She has very heavy periods. I'm sorry guys. I'm no good at short. I cant get everything I think is important out if I try and truncate. Please stay with me though.

Two weeks ago, she had appt. with her primary. I asked why she was was going...Anything in particular I mean...She said no, just had been awhile and maybe refill her lexapro. After the fact, she told me why she went, that she didn't want me worrying to death...Which I do. That evening, after she got home from Dr.s, the lab called my wife...Dumb asses. Called, told her she needed to call her Dr. first thing In the morning.....Wouldn't tell her the issue. Idiots. Don't call if you're not going to disclose why. It is her blood after all. It is she, paying the lab. There are some serious issues surrounding healthcare and the like here in America. We all take it as normal. Done it for so long it just seems normal. Another day.

Her Feretin was 2, 10-291 Reference. Hematocrit, 20%, 35%-46% Reference. Hemoglobin, 5.9, 11.7-15 Reference. Told her to go to ER where they would give her a blood transfusion. The ER doc, just joking around kinda, acted surprised she was sitting up talking to him, much less had driven herself there and walked in of her own volition and her own two feet. She never let on to me she was any different than usual. I have always been able to tell when her levels drop by the hair in the shower.

Had forgotten. This is important. Again. Sorry for the length. Her RDW always runs high, and her MCV, MCH and MCHC are always low. By layperson, I take that to mean that on average, her RBC are smaller than normal(MCV). Her RBC donít have as much hematocrit as normal either(MCH), thus can not and do not carry enough O2 to keep everything as it should be. On top of that, her already small RBC show a wide range of sizes(RDW), which only adds to the trouble.

So. All that to get to this. I should have written this a week ago. Duh. Anyway, tomorrow morning, meet with her hematologist and sheís to receive two units of blood. I have tried to get her to have the endometrial ablation since all this started. This turn of events has sunk in with her and I think she is ready to go forward with it. I hope. She has appointment to see her OB/GYN this coming week as well.

I have all her info going back to 2016ÖWhen all this started..If anyone has any questions or anything at all, just ask. I really appreciate any and all input. Thank you in advance.

My question/s is this.

1) Anyone that has had the ablation, for anemia in particular, and also, even if you just had it to ease your menstrual symptoms. Did it work as you expected? Is it effective?

2) With the limited info Iíve provided, does this seem like a natural progression of anemia, or could it be something more? I mean, I know it could be something else, does anyone think it is probable this is something more? I shouldnít even ask, but I cant resist. I do worry too much sometimes, but then, I do really love her very much. I hate that she has to go through all this. Iíll be with her tomorrow all dayÖ.I understand it may well be 10 hours to receive both units.

Iíll keep her company, but it is not me with the IV, tied to the infusion device. I just feel really bad for her. I hope Iím not putting too much stake in the ablation.

Again, thank you in advance.

Thanks so much.

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