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Hello. Just got some blood results in.

Rheumy tested for B12. I see from LabCorp the B12 itself is in normal range (they show 232-1245 and mine is 308), but the methylmalonic acid is "high" at 401 (vs. range high of 378).

I've posted multiple times the last few months about my alarming symptoms, mostly the horrid, aching/burning leaden fatigue in my arms (sometimes legs) that hit suddenly every single day since mid-July.

So I'm wondering is this possible to be B12 deficiency? I did not, to my knowledge, supplement B12 any time this summer (I do have to take Vit D3 every day).

I've read a member here claiming the 200-so level B12 is too low a bottom number for "normal". Any validation of that?

Otherwise I'm afraid I'm going to be dismissed again, and keep suffering.

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