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Ferritin levels
Mar 2, 2004
... getting enough iron. At the end of the summer the headaches started followed by a new symptom every month. My thyroid tests normal. I have had IBS on and off for 11 years and think I have been tested for Celiacs. I still need to rule that out. Thanks for any advice. ... (0 replies)
Ferritin levels
Feb 18, 2012
... My Ferritin is 8 and my hemoglobin is 9.2, i just heard that i will continue to keep yucky symptoms until the numbers come up. But i dont think we are low enough to die. You have to be depleated for that.... the symptoms are very scary! what are yours? im dizzy and lightheaded a lot!!!! (26 replies)
Ferritin levels
Feb 18, 2012
... i have a ferritin level of 4 iron level of 8 my hemoglobin is a 11.8. can you die from low ferritin if hgb is not low.... ... (26 replies)

Ferritin levels
Feb 18, 2012
... i have a ferritin level of 4 iron level of 8 my hemoglobin is a 11.8. can you die from low ferritin if hgb is not low.... ... (26 replies)
... Last hemoglobin was almost at 12, although I have had a period since then. Ferritin still sitting at 11. I have had ten 2ml iron injections, two more to go. I just feel like I should be a lot higher than that. I'm still B12 deficient, taking 1000mcg each day and a good multivitamin. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, My doctor has been following my blood work for a few months, based on symptoms I was having that were suspicious (hair loss, lightheadness, fatigue, ice cravings -the fatigue was manifesting into frustration, short temper and moodiness with my kids). I am taking 325 mg supplement every night, with Vitamin C and B complex. I am feeling somewhat better, a little more... (6 replies)
... how about checking vitamin B12 levels? B12 deficiency can cause paresthesias and anemia (18 replies)
... I have hemolytic anemia, but in the past, keeping my b12 levels high would result in having a higher hemoglobin numbers. ... (8 replies)
... KrispyKritter: Thanks for the information! I'm at 10.7 right now and have been feeling pretty bad...shortness of breath, fatigue, heart palpitations, looking pale and just a general feeling of yuck (make sense? LOL). My old Gyn did suggest taking the continuous BCP because of my endometriosis. My periods are very, very bad, very heavy and very painful. My doc hasnt... (10 replies)
... Do you respond to oral iron supplements? ... (10 replies)
... i've been feeling like crap for a while now, but none of these genius doctors have ever thought to test my iron levels. ... (4 replies)
... high potency magnesium at night, that has helped with leg cramps as well as Xanax and hylands leg cramps. I'm afraid to NOT take them now... but I'm sure when my iron levels get up I can start subtracting some of those. I also drink tonic water mixed with OJ every evening... ... (50 replies)
... I am very concerned and confused as to what this means. my iron level came back within range which confuses me even more. ... (3 replies)
... Yes, they did check my ferritin levels. It was 18. Normal range being between 11 and 307 g/L accord to my records. My doc said it is in the normal range but on the lower end of course. Mostly now what I get are headaches, paresthesia of face, fatigue, stomach aches and random twitching. I'm pretty sure that I'm low in vitamin d as well. I'm thinking of getting it checked but... (18 replies)
... it's autoimmune, so no amount of iron will fix my levels when that's going on. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, all. I just got My lab result of Ferritin 34.2 ug/ml (6-159),is it too low VB12 245pmol/l (156-672) ,is it too low folic acid (folate) >24 ng/l (3.2-6.4)---why is it so high? CO2 21.20mmol/l (22-31)--- low medabolic acidosis? ==================== The following is what I had tested one month ago W-LCR 50.5 (51.0-75.0) (3 replies)
... and he tells me my heart looks good but I am anemic with a level of 10.3, refers me back to my medical doctor. So my doctor is ordering more blood tests, iron levels..hemoglobin..and other stuff that I cant remember. ... (4 replies)
... I am curious, have you upped your vitamin C with your iron supplementation? ... (19 replies)
... sleeping, fatigue, etc. The doctors are chalking it up to anxiety, although I have NEVER had problems with this. They have not checked for B12 deficiency or my Iron level yet. My hemoglobin was 12. ... (2 replies)
... ts. She probably does not think that low B12 is a problem. She didn't think my low ferritin the other month was a problem. She said she doesn't go by ferritin levels since my CBC came back normal. But yeah, I did ask to have her call me, and a week went by, and no phone call back. ... (57 replies)

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