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Re: Went to the Doc
Nov 21, 2003
[QUOTE=annabella44]He checked my B12 and it was "normal" the thyroid came back fine and accordin' to the blood work everything is fine, but i know that somethin' is goin' on inside me. Should i be worried? Do y'all think i should get a referral to another doctor? if so, what kind? Thanks y'all[/QUOTE]

Hi, I'm sort of in the same situation...I have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia, because my ferritin level is only a 2. My B12 levels are also normal, my thyroid is find too.

My dr. told me to take iron supplements, which I've been doing for about a month. I've been through all of the gastrointestinal tests, like a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and small bowel x-ray series, and all these were normal. A biopsy was also taken, and I have no problem with iron absorption.

I don't know if you've had all the gastro. testing done or didn't mention that. Last, but not least, after all those awfully invasive tests, I was told to go to the gynocologist to see if there's any problem there. My gynocologist did a vaginal ultrasound and found 4 fibroids. So, the gyn. thinks that heavy periods (I don't think they're that heavy) may be causing my anemia, and the fibroids can make it worse. I just started taking a low dose birth control pill (Allese) to see if that will lighten my periods & help the anemia. The fibroids can't be removed because it's too risky.

To answer your question whether or not you should go to another doctor, first of all, what type of doctor is the doctor that you're currently going to? Does he/she want to do more testing, and/or send you to any type of specialist? Have you had the gastrointestinal tests all done? After the blood workups, I believe that's the next step.

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