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PaNik, Thank you for your reply.
Yes I agree that the Ibs has more likely caused the anemia rather than the other way around and probably wouldnt have any effect on my ibs if I corrected my low iron. Ive been trying to get my Ibs under control ever since I was diagnosed and have mucked around with my diet...eliminating certain foods and concerntrating on getting enough fiber that Ive forgotten about all the other vitamins and minerals I need so have probably made a low iron count even worse. My dr prescribed me ferrous gluconate which I read on here was easier on the stomache so will give that a go...although my dr also said that iron tabs wont help much if my low iron is caused by bleeding inside somewhere.
Ive had a barium enema which was fine, showed no disease, so that rules my digestive system out as far as Im aware, but would a stomache ulcer maybe the cause and show up with blood in the stool?
I think more likely Im just not absorbing the iron due to my digestive system just not working right, but my dr mentioned something about having a possible food intolerance to something that enhibits the aborbtion of iron like wheat. Is this true and has anyone else had experience of this?
So from your post saying that low iron eventually I would become anemic...Im not anemic at the moment just low in iron? My other test results were fine.
Thanks again for your help.

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