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I don't know if you know this but IBS can sometimes be confused with Endometriosis.
Because, endo can be on the bowels which in turn cause IBS symptoms.
And the symptoms of endometriosis is Very heavy periods, painful cramps before, during and after your period. The ibs symptom, is usually most active around that time of the month. Plus, feeling the need to pee a lot, bloatiness all the time, fatigue. Sometimes pain with sex.
I have endo and use to be in an endo board, these syptoms you described, plus pain, was Very common in there. Very heavy periods are not suppose to be normal.
I had Very heavy periods and bad cramps from the time I was a teen, I use to pass out sometimes. Come to find out I also developed anemia with the iron def. The cramps with periods (for me) disappeared. Years later found out I had endo, which caused quite a bit of damage in my reproductive area. Luckily I was able to have a child before the severe damage, cuz Im now infertile. I was the opposite, I had constipation all the time. But it's more common to have the ibs.
It may be a possible explanation, lot's of woman don't know they have it til something odd like this happens, or pain.
When I found out I had it, it was because I had mid-cycle bleeding, turned out be a cyst on my ovary due to endometriosis, they also found the endo lesions everywhere. The cyst was pressing against my colon, which caused it to narrow in that area, which was why I was constipated a lot.
Im much better now and taking b.c. to keep estrogen levels, balanced, and periods a lot lighter, it helps with pain for others with endo also.

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