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Hi, Im a 31 yr old female and I was diagnosed with IBS about 18 months ago. After some blood tests taken basically to find out what the possible cause of my IBS I was told I was iron deficient (1mg). The doctor who ordered these tests didnt seem too concerned about my low iron and told me to take ferrous sulphate. Ive had experience with ferrous sulphate and what with having IBS told my doc I didnt want to take the iron pills because of the nausia and constipation problems they cause. Dr said ok and to find another way to get iron ie from a health food store and in my diet. In the mean time I was sent to a gastro dr who after looking at my past health notes..having three children, heavy periods and poor diet, said I should take birth control pill to reduce bleeding, improve my diet and then my iron would be ok. This was in february of this year. Yesterday I went back to my dr after a follow up blood test to see how my iron was and she said it was at 3mg. Unlike my other dr she seemed concerned by this and wants me to do a stool test for blood. Also she wants me to go back to the gastro and also be tested again for celiac because although I had a blood test for this which was negative she said sometimes it can be wrong.
My question is really, Im pretty worried about how serious the causes of my low iron and bowel problems...are they linked? If I raised my iron level to a normal level would my IBS go away or visa versa? Im trying not to worry myself to death about the possible causes...Ive got to wait 4 wks for the stool test results...surely I would be feeling a whole lot worse if it was serious? I dont feel that bad except a little tired. Something else that might be a cause of my current low iron could be that after the birth of my youngest 2 and a half yrs old, I hemoraged(sp), hb was 6 so I had a transfusion and was let out of hospital at hb of 9...could it be that I never really got better just got used to feeling crap? Could someone put my mind at ease abt the possible causes of low iron (except poor diet cos my dr said it wouldnt be that alone)?
Sorry to ramble, thanks for reading this!
Oh one other thing, what is the normal iron level? my dr said between 20 mg and 250mg...that right?

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