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Can anyone tell me how you find out if you have an iron deficiency. I had a CBC done in the past to see if I had an ear infection that was causing my lightheadedness. The results were negitive. Would the CBC also tell them if I was enemic. I have suffered with RLS for more than five years and heard that it was caused from iron deficiency.

My symtoms are: Lightheadedness, spaciness and full feeling in ears 24/7. I also have tingly and hot /cold sensations, sometimes head and neckaches. Before all this happened I used a drug called Protonix for acid reflux and one of its many side effects is inability to retain iron. If iI had low iron to start with maybe this drug put me over the edge. Common sence would tell me that I had eaustacian tube dysfunction and anxiety from the dizzies, but I was given prednisone, nasonix and zyrtec and it made it worse. I have been on Paxil for 3 months with no change.

Can anyone help me figure this out, I would like to have an idea of what is wrong before I spend what little I have left on another Dr. visit. I so so badly want to go back to work. I have had just about everything done including a catscan.

Thank You very much for any responces,

ok, i've always..or at least for 7-8 yrs had a low ferritin level..10-13 varying throughout the yrs...then this summer i saw a new neurologist..when i mentioned to him my levels of ferritin were low he perked right up...he ordered another one and it came back at 13...he sent me to a hematologist who drew another level plus the normal cbc ...this was 2 1/1 months after my neuro three months my ferritin went from 13 to hgb was 11 and my hct was most docs might look at only the hgb and hct ..saying they're ok and not worry about me...this has been done in past yrs so it's no wonder i've felt like crap and had a multitude of strange hematologist said the hgb and hct levels are not enough to show iron depletion..which is what i stores...reb blood cells are pratically empty....he said my periods would get lighter because i have no extra blood to come out....he said the only thing to do now was an iron transfusion......i didn't want this due to the possible anaphylatic reaction.....i begged to go on oral iron..but he said it takes a very long time..months and months to get any amt of improvement in my levels.....even with iv iron it will take 6weeks......then more transfusions as needed......every 6weeks to 3 months.......i'm glad i had the transfusion and will certainly have as many as needed.....iron anemia is not to be sneezed at.....i've found out how seriously ill one can become...blood transfusions do become necessary for some.....we need iron to get the oxygen to our cells..organs etc......i think iron anemia has kind of been a non-serious blood disorder..because most docs think any women who is still having a period will be somewhat anemic and not too worrisome...they're wrong..i've found out it's very serious and chnages our lives..too tired to be a functional family member ect....not to mention the disasterous effects on our health it can take/will take...........and i'm a former registered nurse....even then i didn't consider iron anemia too serious.....boy...was i ignorant......hope this helps

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