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Hey there,

I figured you were at UNC all this week so I hadn't written. GOOD LUCK! I sure hope the stress of interviews doesn't combine with whatever it is that is making you throw up. If it does, I hope it can happen before you get into your meetings! I wonder, does anyone have any ideas for ways to create false energy when you are anemic? I know it is a stretch, but there must be some way to fake it so you don't seem listless and uninterested.

I am happy that your test is scheduled. It doesn't sound like any fun, but neither is anemia. And, maybe your new docs will be better at interpreting things this time.

To answer your previous question, the provera has helped, but it hasn't stopped the bleeding entirely. I was on 30mg which is the highest dose. Most women take 10 mg for 5 or 10 days of their cycle, I am taking 30 for 10 days, 20 for 10 days and then 10 for 10 days. I hate putting my body through this, but it has helped to slow things some. I don't know what happens at the end of the 30 days, I guess there will be a withdrawal bleed. After that, who knows, but I don't want to keep OD'ing on the hormones.

I saw the hematologist on Tuesday and he was great. He was really thorough and informative. He doesn't think I have a hematology problem, but he did run two more tests - and englobulin lysis clot and a Factor VIII. The people at the lab had no idea what the first test was, but they drew the blood in the hopes of being able to have it tested. I hope they did it right after all the time I sat in their waiting room. He did his own CBC on me before sending me to the lab and I am now at a 9. Absolutely amazing. I never thought it was possible to make blood that fast, but it feels like a 14 compared to 6. I really only thought the body could make about one point a month. So, I obviously don't have any trouble making it and we know where I am bleeding from. They just have to make it stop. He may help make that argument with me. He had wanted to put me on a new type of IV iron and have me get it three days a week, but then he found out I made blood and he told me just to double up on my three iron pills - now I take six - and get another CBC in two more weeks. Getting the IV iron would require the cooperation of the local hematologist or driving 12 hours a week to get it. If I can skip the IV, I will be happy.

So, that's the story this week. My mom's first bead show is Saturday and I am trying to finish a few more festive products. Oh, and he said molasses is a good source of iron so I am going to make some molasses cookies for my dad. And, some oatmeal scotchies for me. I really do try to do too much. I feel like my mind wants to be manic this month, but my body can't keep up!!!

Ooh, and there was an interesting nurse. I think his name was Eric. He kept making excuses to talk to us. Fine by me. I am looking for a sperm donor so I can pop out a set of twins and get my hysterectomy. All the while, my parents were being totally silly. I asked where molasses comes from and that went very silly.

Good luck at UNC!! Let us know how it goes.

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