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A couple weeks ago he started feeling really bad. He had an upset stomach (but no vomiting) and just felt weak and tired. I thought he was coming down with something, so I gave him some advil and told him to take a nap. He woke up 4 hours later and felt fine! Well..the day after that, it got worse. Stomach didn't hurt, but he started to get headaches. Now he's been experiencing lightheadedness and dizziness on top of the headaches. He went to the doctor yesterday (he doesn't have insurance :-(!!), and they told him that what he has doesnt look like a cold at they drew some blood. Two vials full. Is this normal?? They took some blood from each arm. They also gave him some things to take home so he can take stool samples. They sent the blood off to a lab to test it for anemia, thyroid stuff, diabetes, and mono. He isn't running a fever and the doctor says he doesn't have an infection. I've very very scared for him..and I'm worried to death. I just want to know..does this sound like anemia to anybody?? Oh, and I forgot to mention, his doctor gave him some multi-vitamins to take once a day. He took one yesterday but still isn't feeling too hot today. How long does it take vitamins to kick in? They want him to come back in 2 weeks to see if, in fact, the vitamins did help. Does this mean it takes about that long for them to work?

I'm just so scared. Ugh. I had skin cancer about 3 years ago..and every time something gets wrong with me or anyone I love, I automatically think "oh my god, it's cancer!!" -- If this were cancer, wouldn't his symptoms be a little more harsh??

I'm sorry this has been so long. Someone reply please. I just want my mind to be at ease until the results come back...which will hopefully be today or tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.


edit: PS-- He is also a vegetarian and has been for a couple years. He's 6'3" and weighs 145 pounds. He doesn't really eat very healthy for a vegetarian either. I know for a fact he doesn't get as much iron as he should.
Men can become anemic although it is more likely for women because of our menstruation. For a man, there is still the possibility of blood loss, prehaps in the digestive track, and then there is the possibility of malabsorption, or the possibility that he is having trouble making blood for some other reason. Oh, and I would think being vegetarian can lead to anemia. Not getting enough iron would be a pretty simple cause and most vegetable sources of iron don't absorb near as well as meat ones.

Taking two vials of blood is no big deal. He has tons of it in him, even if he is anemic. I was severely anemic, to the point where many people get transfusions and they took ten vials from me. I still made it through on my own without a transfusion.

As for the vitamins, it is fine for a man to take them. If the problem turns out to be anemia, it could take months for him to feel normal. At least two weeks on the vitamins before he will notice a difference. Making blood is a very slow process especially when the cause of the anemia has not been found.

His symptoms do sound similar to anemia, but they could also be signs of any of the other things they tested for. The results of those tests should be back. He should call the doctor's office and ask for the results.

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