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[QUOTE=Ornament]Dear Pro -

Thank-you for your response. I'm still waiting for the blood test results, hopefully tomorrow, I'll know something. Is anemia is condition within itself or is a sympton of another illness? I can't understand why, coldness/rapid heat rate symptons for years and then the tingling out of no where. I also, checked my multi-vitamins this am, and noticed it has both iron & vitamin b, it says 100% of daily allowance. But, I think the allowances differ from vitamin to vitamin label. I'll let you know what I find out form the tests. Once again, I appreciate the information. -Orn[/QUOTE]
Usually, anemia is a result of another condition which either lowers the production, increases the destruction, or increases the sequestration of red blood cells.

Your feeling cold and rapid heart rate do fall in line with anemia. You can think of it as, you have enough blood in your body, but the blood doesn't have enough red blood cells in it to hold the oxygen your body needs to function. In that regard, you heart actually has to do more work to pump around blood--this results in things like rapid heart rate. It can also make you feel fatigued, weak, cold etc. etc. The tingling makes me think, like I said earlier, that it you might have a low vitamin b12 level, because this will give you both tingling as well as anemia.

The thing is, IF you do have a low vitamin B12 level, correcting it with oral vitamin b12 probably won't help. The reason you probably have a low level in the first place is because you're having trouble absorbing it for some reason. There's a beautiful test that can be done, called the schilling's test, but doctors tend to not do it anymore...anyway, this test can determine if you're having trouble absorbing B12. Anyway, the mainstay of treatment is to get vitamin b12 shots every few months (if that is in fact what your problem is)

PS I should add that your folate level might also be low! Vit B12 and folate often go together.

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