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Hey Nicole - I've actually had a couple of friends named Nicole and they were amazing people - I like that name. So you were a DJ....that must have been so much fun! Was that back when you were in college? An interesting DJ story just came to mind...a few years ago I went to my boyfriend's sisters wedding (he's now my ex), and one of my ex-boyfriends was the DJ at the wedding! I hadn't seen him in years and we spent some time catching up....needless to say, my boyfriend's family thought I was hitting on the DJ! That couldn't have been farther from the truth, but looking back I can see how that must have looked to them....ah, anyway, interesting tangent...

As far as the pre-registering stuff goes, the hospital said that anything done in the two weeks before surgery would be fine. That worries me a little with my labwork, since it's been known to drop quite a bit in a two week period of time (sometimes just in one week!). I talked with my doctors about being anemic when going into surgery and they weren't too worried about it. There's minimal blood loss with the laparoscopic surgeries, but I might loss some blood with the small incision and the resection....I talked with them about transfusions since if they even think I might need one, I'd rather have someone from my family donate asap...transfusions REALLY freak me out. I actually told them to use the lowest threshold possible for a transfusion and that I really don't want one unless it's absolutely necessary....I don't think this will be a problem though, unless things don't go as planned.

I would feel a lot better about this if I was going into this in good health. The anemia aside, my WBC was also quite low on my last CBC, and the cardiac stuff going on worries me also. Also, I'm so out of shape right now, I know that can't be good's so strange because I still mentally think of myself as a "healthy" person...I've always been active, maintained a healthy diet (anorexia aside), and love's hard to think of myself as being 27 and truly not healthy right now - but I'm sure I'll see how unhealthy I am when I get on the treadmill on Monday and will be winded after the first 30 seconds! I agree with you that all of this anemia and resting isn't be good for the soul! I just wanted to cry the other day...I was at the mall exchanging some Christmas gifts and I actually had to leave, go home and take a nap, and then go back and finish my shopping! I was so frustrated that my body just couldn't do what I wanted it to! But, at least right now my only symptom is exhaustion....I haven't been throwing up much lately...actually, I haven't since before I left for Tahoe so that's been wonderful! I found out that throwing up is a possible symptom of a tumor, so I'm assuming that's the cause of it. Actually, since I haven't been getting sick and with all the holiday food around, I've put on a couple of pounds these past two weeks. I know they'd like me gain a little more weight, but I'd rather gain the weight in a healthy way - through eating and exercising - and not from sitting around and sleeping!

You know, I can't believe that after all this time, no one has ever listened to your heart! I always thought that was a standard thing doctors do, regardless of why you're there to see them! But, especially being so anemic, and the fact that severe anemia can lead to things like heart I found out. Well I guess every doctor really is different. I just can't believe they'd put off your surgery until March! That's that they've temporarily stopped your bleeding, they're going to try and push your surgery back...dealing with the medical community is so frustrating!! You'll have to let me know how your appointment goes, and when your big day is going to be. I'll definitely let you know how everything goes for me next week, and I want to know how things go for'll be great when we're both able to get on with living and doing what we love! We're almost there....

I've got a lot of time on my hands right now (as you can see by the length of this post!)...I'm on winter break right now from school, my office is closed for the week for the holiday, and I'm not allowed to do anything really active that would jeopordize my surgery....I could be working on my thesis, but this is what I've been doing instead :) So, you had a date the other exciting! It's been so long since I've gone out with anyone I'm interested in! My older sister is getting married next year on Sept. 17...she's turning 30 on Sept. 9 so I know that there's still hope I'll find the man of my dreams even though I'm starting to feel really old (as far as dating goes)! Hopefully the new year will bring some good men into my life!!! Actually, I haven't been going out as much as I used to (mostly due to lack of energy), so I know that once I'm feeling better I'll get back out there and check out the prospects...So, your ex in SF sounds like an interesting story....I hope you don't have a bad impression of SF because of really is a great city! I don't think I'll be moving anytime soon, so if you're ever in California....

Well I'd better stop here before I really start rambling! I hope everyone here is going well.....take care :wave:


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