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B12 and injections
Dec 8, 2003
Hi all!
Ive had very low b12 for years now but only recently has it started being treated with injections which Ive been having for 4 months now. The only issue really is that since Ive started these treatments my b12 has began to drop lower and lower than ever which is a little worrying since it really should be the opposite :rolleyes: does anyone know hat could cause this? My b12 deficiency is caused by bowel inflammation and I dont produce anti intrinsic factor antibodies. Can b12 be lost through bleeding.
Anne H
I to have pernicious anemia now for about 8 yrs and it took nearly 4 yrs to get the level up to 200 when I was diagnosed it was 96. If you have been low for a long time it will take a very long time to get it up and keep it up. I drop real fast also, my doc gets it up to a 1000 and then 2 weeks later I get a blood draw and it is down to 300. For people like us who lose more than gain it seems, my Drs try to get it up over a 1000 and maintain it there but it still falls more than they like. I think some people have a harder time keeping the level up. maybe bleeding can cause it to drop as well. Us without the intrinsic factor usually have to keep on top of it all the time. I suffered irreversible nerve damage for being so low for many years thanks to a stupid female neurologist who treated me like I was a hypochondriac and sent me home saying it was just my getting older. Three years later another neurologist looked at the mri and radiologist report and was amazed she didn't do further testing, like the radiologist recommended. I went to the female cuz I figured she understand me better only to be treated worst than any male Dr could. He had me pegged withint 2 hrs and confirmed with testing.

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