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I have similar problems. I know my dizziness etc. is partially from the anemia because it has gotten better with treatment and comes back more when I get my period. My anemia was considered mild by the doctors but it made me weak dizzy and tired big time. It is under control now but I still would like to get the ferritin levels up higher. As for the lying down and getting dizzy when standing. I have that also and although I haven't figured out what mine is from yet you may want to do a search under "Orthostatic Hypotension". It can have something to do with medication.I know some depression meds do that. I'm not sure about anit-anxiety. It can have something to do with blood pressure. Also make sure your not Hypoglycemic. Hypo can also csaue panic in a "crashing' state. I used to suddenly get very tired, nervous, and start to feel extermely faint, like someone unplugged my body and it was just shutting off. Then I would feel like I was starving. In my worst crashes I felt severe panic. After I would eat something, it would go away in a few minutes. You also crave sweets a lot. You might not be hypo but it's worth looking into it. I suffered from attacks like that for over a year before someone told me what it was.

would caI would still like to see if I can can my blood levels up a little higher.[QUOTE=shellbell1282]Ive been dealing with panic attacks.anxiety for a few years now (Im 21 yrs old ) and Im on ativan currently for anxiety. During my "attacks" alot of times I would feel as thoguh I was going to pass out. However recently this feeling has been happening alot more often and its different. I feel dizzy alot, when Im walking around. The worst is after Ive been sitting for along time or laying down, and after a minute or so of standing I feel as though Im gonig to fall. Its hard to explain but head feels very heavy and I feel like Im gonna colapse straight down. Sometimes it feels as though the floor is moving up and down alittle. I used to get that when I would come off an elevator but now it happens when Im just standing or walking. Its very scary. Does anyone know what this could be? Aside from anxiety, I also supposedly have slight asthma which I take an inhaler for. I cant breathe properly through my nose becasue I broke it a year ago and when it healed one of my nasal passages was blocked. Im also slightly anemic. Alot of times the unstable/dizzy feeling is worse during my menstrual cycle. Any help as to what this could be would be greatly appreciated. My doctor never seemed to be concerned but I havent told her how its gotten worse yet.[/QUOTE]

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