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Hi all,

I am new to this board and I'm suffering from anxiety and depression.
I am anemic for maybe three years now and I have doubts that maybe this is the reason for this fatigue that I'm feeling most of the time.
And if this is the reason, then maybe things could get to normal once I solve my anemia.
Now, I have read that in the case of iron deficiency it is normal to have low red blood cells level, as well as hematocrit, hemoglobin.
How long do you have to have normal iron levels, so this other things would return to normal as well.
My iron levels are ok now, but this other things are still a little low (red blood cells 3.53 x 10E12/L; Hgb 113g/L; Hematocrit 0.326 L/L;). I also have somewhat high lymphocites 0.57.
Is this normal to be with the iron deficiency? Can this values make you tired or it's maybe just my imagination?
I did all the test to see the cause of it and everything else was quite normal. The only test I didn't do was the bone marrow. Please, if there is anyone whose anemia caused depression, share some advice?
Also if you have any other advice, I would appreciate it.

Best wishes,


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