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Newbie here. Hooray for specialized boards!

History: In June I started feeling tired and off-balance. I chalked it up to stress from buying a house, but after awhile I went to the doctor to have my blood checked since the symptoms jibed with both anxiety and anemia. The doc said my hemoglobin was at 11. I was supposed to go for followup testing but then I had to move, and I started feeling better. I tried taking Feosol and it made me feel sick, so I stopped that as well. I know, bad me...

So, I had five months of feeling OK. Then, last month right before Thanksgiving, the tired, off-balance feeling came back. So I found a new doctor. She ran a hemoglobin check and some more detailed iron tests, and my levels were hemoglobin 10.6, ferritin 3.8. Yikes! Now I'm on Slo-Fe, which I seem to be tolerating a lot better than Feosol, and I'm also on a multivitamin with iron, and vitamin C to help with absorption.

So now that I'm being a good long will it take for the tired off-balance thing to go away?? I read somewhere it'll take up to 4 weeks to start building new blood cells. I've been on the pills for 2 weeks and I still feel not-quite-all-there, which is really cramping my style. (I guess getting my period last week didn't really help matters much, either.)

Where's the light at the end of the tunnel? Anyone?

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