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Re: How's Amwood???
Jan 16, 2004
Yep, I was strongly encourageed to go on continuous BCPs. There are side effects but none I haven't been able to live with. The first one I tried completely wiped out my sex drive :( I switched to another and it isn't so pronounced. Still not what it used to be but at least I think about sex again!! A word of warning though--while your body adjusts to the added hormones you may experience constant spotting! This drove me nuts!! What's worse--one 3 day period each month or 90 days of continuous spotting??? It did settle down and now I find that I really enjoy not having my period. It was never a big issue for me but now it's a non-issue. HOWEVER, my iron never did recover. I still don't absorb much so the ferritin scores continue to be around 3 or 4. (I actually scored a 7 once!) But, my Hgl scores have been a little better. Now that's there's supposedly NO blood loss it doesn't take much iron to maintain my supply. Hey! and NO cramps or worrying about whether or not you put an extra tampon in your purse!!

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