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Re: How's Amwood???
Feb 27, 2004
Hey Girl,

I am hanging in. Sitting for long periods is still problematic. That's why I haven't been posting too much. I get all swelled up. And, at some point, it also begins to hurt. Last night I went to my nephew's Blue and Gold banquet for cub scouts and I am still in pain. I think it is also the third week slump. Things start dissolving and other things start hurting. I think my mom is trying to boost my morale by asking me to do more things, like picking up the kids after school and going to that banquet last night. She has stopped doing most of things she was doing like packing snacks and water bottles. Really, I can do any of those things on my own, but I can't do them all. It really is getting me down even though I think she means well.

On the happy side, the estrogen supplements seem to be working. I wish I could sleep more since I spend at least 20 hours a day in bed. But, I am having all kinds of vivid dreams now. And, I developed a crush on a med student in the hospital. I went to my two week post-op on Monday. My doc is two hours away so I spent four hours in the car and I got all swelly and tired just to see her. She opened up the door and explained that she had a male student with her, could he come in? My mom asked if he was cute and the doc stammered a little. So, mom asked if he was the one who helped with my procedure and my care in the hospital - the one I developed a crush on. Little did mom know, he was right behind doc at the door. I was so excited to see him again. Ever since he started me on the Estrace in the hospital. -sigh- It was such a joy to see him at 6:45 each morning. I wish I would have stayed in the hospital another day for a visit from him!

The entire office visit on Monday probably lasted three minutes. I was as giddy as a school girl and doc was really impressed with my recovery. They looked at my incision and told me to take a bath to soak off the dry blood and that was about it. She said that I am healing well and I look very mobile. (How did she expect me to make it to the visit if I wasn't?) I didn't learn a thing or ask any of my questions, but I really think the drive was worth it just to see Ky (pronounced KEE). I can always call doc's direct line if I have any, is Ky available for my six-week visit? Oh my.

I don't watch any soaps or talk shows. I watch the food network and some of the drama re-runs. I watched all of ER in the Fall. Then, I moved on to The Practice and Ally McBeal. Now, I am on JAG and The West Wing. Plus, I record silly reality stuff like the Real World and the Apprentice at night to watch when I am awake. Last night, my boys (from your neck of the woods) the Kings were playing so I recorded the game to watch today. I still haven't finished so don't tell me who won!

OK, back to bed I go. I sure hope you are hanging in there and that you can get your problem fixed soon, too. I am still a little light-headed and I am starting to get the little blackouts when I get up. I sure hope that is part of the recovery and not anemia!

Take care!

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