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Re: How's Amwood???
Jan 10, 2004
This is still all soooo frustrating! QS, I agree with you in that most docs don't seem to collaborate together - my hematalogist being one of them! Actually though, I really liked my surgeon (although I didn't even think about the possibility of him calling in a consult during the surgery...he already had the GI doc there, what's one more?). But, he did look for endo (he didn't see any) and ovarian cysts and other gyn problems to a certain extent...he mainly works on the small bowel and does gastric bypass surgeries, small bowel stuff, etc, so I know he's not exactly an expert in the gyn area.

I'm not really sure what's causing the bleeding...I've been on the pill for about ten years now, and used to have heavy periods a few years ago, but I switched my pill and things have been great ever since. I do have an ovarian cyst, which they saw when I had the CT scan before the surgery (and it was still there during the surgery). My hgb hasn't really dropped significantly during my period...I actually remember one time I had labwork done just after I had finished my period and my hgb had gone up a little, which I thought was interesting, but not surprising since my periods are light...not super light, but still light. Well we'll see...who knows what the gyn will do from here since I've already had the lap surgery.

I just had my annual pap not long ago and that was normal, so that's good. Hmm, maybe I'll try posting on a female board on this site...I'm sure someone else has had something similar to this. I tried doing a search on retrograde menstration - the surgeon actually mentioned that to me also after the surgery, although he didn't think it would leave this much blood...and he was shocked I wasn't having ANY pain from fact, it was almost like he didn't believe me when I said I hadn't had any pain. Anyhow, I tried doing a search on this and everything I found was associated with endo...I couldn't find anything talking about retrograde menstration by itself...but who knows, that's just one thought the surgeon had...I'll wait to see what the gyn has to say.

Ok, I'm just going to complain for little bit....this sucks because it doesn't look like I'll be able to get in any spring skiing, or go to the gym any time soon. And, when classes start up again I'll still be anemic and trying to get things done on days when I'm just this point, I don't care what they find, I just want them to FIND something so I get on with my life, and not have to spend my time having labwork done and tests done. Ok, that's my whining for the was interesting because my roommate in the hospital was a woman who was no more than 50 years old who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was given 3-6 months to live, and she had been in the hospital for about 3 weeks when I was there...she was incredibly positive, and it really put things into perspective for me....even though I still have to deal with all the tests and labwork and anemia, at least I was able to walk out of the hospital (well ok, I was wheeled out of the hospital), but I can go back to work, finish my Master's in May, see my friends, go on vacation (did I mention I'm going to Hawaii this summer :))....she didn't know when she was leaving, and she would probably be back soon after she left anyway. All things happen for a reason, and I'm glad she was in the bed next to me...

Ok, this post is really long - again...and it's time for a nap...I've showered today, dried my hair, and got online...and now I'm pathetic! Nicole, congrats on the teaching! I know it's not what you'd like to be doing, but it sounds like it fits your schedule right now so that's great! Take care girls :wave:
Re: How's Amwood???
Jan 12, 2004
"Ok, I'm just going to complain for little bit....this sucks because it doesn't look like I'll be able to get in any spring skiing, or go to the gym any time soon. And, when classes start up again I'll still be anemic and trying to get things done on days when I'm just exhausted....

Wow, girl, I hadn't quite thought about all that yet. I thought about the not-knowing part. That still sucks and it's still the case for both of us. Not having an end to the anemia is totally unfair. An,d you have to recover from the surgery that didn't help. I would hope that the CT scan and the lap would show enough for your gyn. I hope you can get that all transferred. Do you already have a gyn or will you be referred to one? Any idea when you will get to see one?

You know, I hear women talking about being more anemic after periods. I would think the only way that would really be a factor would be with fibroids that bleed during a period. Otherwise, the blood is actually lost in the weeks leading up to the period, right? So, you are really bleeding during the first two week of your pills, but it doesn't come out until the fourth week. I wonder if there is something that is not endo related at all that is causing your blood to go back out the uterus and not come out the right way. Maybe you are having really heavy periods, but you don't realize it since it is going the wrong way. I wonder if the blood could be near your uterus and be coming from some other source.

All this does my mind some good to use it, but it can't be good for your soul. I really hope you can get to the bottom of this soon.

Feel free to rant whenever you have the energy for it. You deserve it!


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