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Re: How's Amwood???
Jan 16, 2004
Hey Girl,

Sounds like you are making out OK. You got all of this done and didn't have to go see the new gyn. You never know, even if it doesn't fix things completely, it could help a little. I read that it could help by stopping all menstruation, therefore stopping the retrograde menstruation. And, if the RM is related to the development of end, you will be less likely to develop it. That has to be a bonus.

I did try it and it worked for about five weeks. For a short time, I thought maybe the pills were a part of my problem. I started a thread about the pills. You know my story and it isn't entirely typical, but you may want to browse through the other stories. On paper and in doctor's heads, this should work really well. In reality, it is a little more complicated and the transition can be rough. That's why many women don't do it. I also think many of them do need that "period" to reassure them that they are not pregnant.


I'll give you the highlights: Spotting is common. Many women have learned that spotting is a sign that the body is ready to have a period. So, instead of going a set number of weeks between placebo breaks, they will start the placebos when the spotting occurs. Also, this works better with monophasic pills instead of the triphasic ones that are different each week. And, it also seems to work better with a high dose pill. I was doing it with two Yasmin a day so I ended up taking two month's worth of pills in three weeks. Too many for me.

I did have my appointment this week and it went well. I was a little worried because I had to have my blood counted before she would schedule me - I guess the results were good - and then the doc said the nurse would be calling me in a few days. She also gave me a paper that said that surgeries are being scheduled 6 to 8 weeks from now! But I got home and the nurse had already called and I am going in on the 9th of Feb. Having a date has made all the difference in the world.

I got my questions answered. The doc seems a little intimidated by me and my case, but she answered everything. That is one problem I have with docs: because I ask such good questions, I miss out on them telling me much. They just assume I already know, which I probably do. I have to have an abdominal procedure because I have not had kids. She and I both agreed that getting rid of my cervix would be a good idea. I do not have to do any bowel prep or douching and will only be shaved on my bikini line, which is where the incision will be. I was worried about being shaved lower and having ingrown hairs - sorry a little graphic. And, I read something recently that I can't find now, but it said that trimming is the new standard because it results in less infections. As long as it is on the bikini line, I don't care. The procedure should take about an hour. I will not be leaving the hospital any sooner than the third day, but she isn't worried about the drive home. I will have liquids on the second day and I will be walking then. She has meds in mind in case I have gas pain, constipation, or nausea. I should have lab reports on everything in three or four days. I will have a six week recovery and won't be able to drive for at least two weeks and then I won't be able to drive my truck because it is standard.

I still have to prepare a note for her that says that I will not hate her for taking my uterus, but I got all the regular paperwork signed. I'm also going to bake cookies and fudge for the staff and any visitors, although I shouldn't really have any since it will be done so far away.

I have been able to work three days so far. Well, two of them were half days. I was hoping to get called today, but it is probably best because I am still tried from the trip to Albuquerque and teaching yesterday. I hope to get in a few more days this month and then I will stop working to avoid the germs.

Another epic from me. I guess that's it for now.


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