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[QUOTE=wideawakeinaz]In October, I was told i was severly anemic. I had gone to the doctor for blood work, because of some kidney stone problems. they did a CBC and i got the call saying, to come in right away. of course, i was completely freaked out and the nurse wouldn't tell me over the phone what this was about. good way to make me go nuts!

anyways, my doctor told me, when a blood level reaches 7, a transfussion is in order. my blood in october was at 8.4 and she put me on Fergon 2 times a day for the iron.

well now that it's january, i had to go in for surgery for the removal of a kidney stone and for the pre-op, they did a new CBC and it showed my blood up to 8.9, so it is rising, but not that fast.

how long should it take for the blood level to rise? i honestly thought it was getting much better, because in the last 3 months, i only had 1 dizzy spell, as opposed to prior to october, i would have such horrible dizzy spells. in fact, once at work, i dropped a cup of ice and didn't even realize it. luckily a friend of mine knew that i was going through dizzy spells and picked up the ice and once i stopped being dizzy, i was fine.

what was weird about my dizzy spells was, they normally happened at work. i don't know if this is because at work, i sit all day and just use a computer, since i'm a customer service rep, as opposed to home when i'm up and down all the time, i don't know. but it was rare that i would get get a spell while at home...99% of the time, they were at work and 1% of the time at home....and never while i was out. could this also have been because at work, i never ate and when i did, it was usually candy bars and chips where at home, i'm actually eating dinner?

anyways, if anyone has any advice about roughly how long it could take for my level to rise, i know my doctor told me, it should be around 11 or 12. my primary doctor told me 11, but the hospital told me 12. they still did the surgery, because it was non invasive and there should have been very little blood coming from me.

also, is anemia genetic? i'm just wondering, because my mom was anemic and could never give blood. she was pale and i'm very pale, but honestly i thought the reason why i was pale was simply because i'm an overly white, white girl....that's it. but apparently being pale is part of the anemia too. i guess i've been anemic for a long time. i admit, it was years since i saw a doctor, so i guess i could have been sick for years and just never knew it.

anyways, if anyone has advice, please share!

Anemia is one of those conditions that over time your body will adjust and you will have fewer symptoms even if you are still anemic. The symptoms of anemia come on gradually if it is being caused by a slow loss of blood. If you have a sudden loss of blood you are more likely to experience the sudden drops in blood pressure and dizziness. As to why they came on at work: My guess is that you are under an elevated stress level putting pressure on your body to function whereas at home, you are able to take things at your own speed. The other is true however, if you are eating sugary starchy foods on the job, then there is a blood sugar problem going on as well which again puts too much stress on the body. Once the anemia is treated It takes the body about 120 days to generate healthy blood cells. If your hemeglobin starts at 7 then it will take approximately 1 year to bring the hemeglobin up to the 12 to 14 range. Any other loss of blood or interference with the blood producing mechanisms will extend this time factor. After the hemeglobin starts to improve, the unpleasant symptoms will start to diminish immediately, giving the impression that everything is ok. But, the down side of this is that it may be a false impression. The human body does its best to compensate for illnesses and can be very misleading. There are many types of anemia and this also plays a part in how fast one recovers and if they recover. There is simple iron deficiency anemia which is solved by getting more iron, there are the very complicated anemias that can only be treated but not cured. It really makes a difference as to what kind of anemia one has as to what to expect from treatment outcomes.

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