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Jan 10, 2001
I am going to try to donate blood tomorrow. Yes, I'm scared but I think I'll be ok. The problem is, I don't know if I'll get past the iron test. You see, I was heading down the path of an eating disorder and it started to get bad. One meal a day. I am eating more now and I know I lost a lot of nutrition. I have slowed my motabolism down so that when I'm in my dance classes, I am so short of breath. I noticed when I ate more I felt better in dance class, until recently. What used to be enough food to be able to dance on, isn't anymore. I eat even more now but I'm still tired. Some days I get out of bed after sleeping late on a weekend, and after 10 min I'm absolutly exhausted. Are these the symptoms of anemia? I also think I need more magnesium cause I've been twitching alot. Today in my dance class my legs were cramping up so I guess I need more potassium. I did eat a banana, but I don't think it has any iron.

Does anyone here get exhausted after climbing up stairs? Do you find it hard to concentrate, almost like you're in a daze? Do your eyelids feel like they want to shut even though you're not 'sleepy' tired? And do you just want to lay around all day and not move?

Oh well, I guess I'll find out tomorrow if I'm anemic. I'll let you know.

thanks for listening


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