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Does anyone know if the chance of developing gastric cancer is reduced with treatment of pernicious anemia, or do we remain at high risk? My doc never even told me I was at high risk because of pernicious anemia and now am waiting for biopsy results. I wonder why she didn't follow my stomach symptoms more closely, since she gives me b-12 injections every 3 weeks?
That's a good question, I to have pernicious and have been giving my own injections for 7 yrs every 3 weeks. I didn't find out about the high risk of stomach cancer from my Dr but from a news article. I understood it to be high risk from here on in, but I'm going to call my Dr tomorrow to find out.
You are so right, my Dr did explain that even with injections the risk is high for gastric cancer, stomach whatever. Only because the damage has already been done. Yes I have constant stomach queeziness and have developed esophagitis over the last couple years even with my treatment. Bone marrow failure, yikes, I haven't had that I don't think, how can you tell if you do? Most people when you mention pernicious anemia they don't even know what it is and if you say it is a B-12 deficiency they act like, oh just a vit problem, not realising this at one time was a killer and still can be if complications arise, nor do they know what damage it can do. But yep, stomach doesn't like much of anything. It seems to be prevalent amoung pa patients.

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