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To Greenfish and also to Radio Flyer 02,
I had Hemalytic Anemia for about three years but am completely well. I still am monitored every six months to make sure my darling little warm antibody is still gone and so far it is. I feel great! When I got sick, everything I read didn't give me much hope for getting well. I have a wonderful doctor - Michael Savin, MD, Dallas, TX and with his help, we have licked it up until now anyway. I used to donate blood all the time but finally, the blood bank wrote me a letter telling me I had the warm antibody in my blood. I felt fine but sent my family dr. a copy of the letter and he stuck it away in my file. I was fine. A couple of years later, I was exhausted, would huff and puff going from the den to the kitchen. I finally saw the dr., had blood work done - I was very, very anemic. We put two and two together, got me an appointment with Dr. Savin and I did everything he told me. Prednisone and Imuran were what we used. Dosages were high initially with the Prednisone but we got them down to small dosages over time. Finally when my Red count was normal, I was able to get of the Prednisone but Savin wanted me to make sure I stayed on the Imuran. I felt so good, about a year ago I asked him to test for the antibody and it didn't show on the test but he said come back in six months, we'll test again and then we'll see about getting off the Imuran. It was still gone, he decided we'd better stay on it six more months. I am now off of that drug and thank God every day for wonderful drugs and wonderful doctors. My message to anyone out there with this is - don't give up hope. You can get well. I didn't think I could but I did. Since I have gotten well, Dr. Savin told me he has two more patients with the same disease. One isn't sick yet - he just has the antibody. If anyone out there has any questions about my treatment, please feel free. I was hesitant initially to take an immune suppresant but lots of hand washing kept me well and I noticed I didn't get as many bugs as my coworkers.

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