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I'm familiar with prednisolone and CellCept [MMF] but not with AIHA. BTW, idiopathic means 'of no known cause'.

Both prednisolone and CellCept are immune-suppressants which means that these meds work by suppressing the bone marrow from producing blood components [red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets]. Because of this, your body is actually less able to fight off infections since white blood cells are the body's defense against most infections.

Here are links for more information about both meds and AIHA.

Prednisolone: [url=""][/url]

CellCept: [url=""][/url]

AIHA: [url=""][/url]

Also suggest you read an article titled Hemolytic Anemia and authored by Paul Schick, MD, Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Medical College]. From there, you can access many other technical articles on related anemias. This article discusses specific enzymes and other compounds whose deficiency can result in various anemias as well as some pathogenic causes e.g. parvovirus. [I mention this because you sound as though you want to eliminate all possible suspects before undergoing surgery.]

Good luck,

Hi! My husband is having his second bout with Hemolytic anemia. His is a complication of a blood cancer called Waldenstroms. His Dr. is Dr. Robert Kirby who has suggested he get a second look by someone else. Where is Dr. Savin at here in Dallas? Thanks! Mary Tanner
I think of myself as a positive person, so I hate to sound like a bummer. I found out I had idiopathic hemolytic anemia about 8 yrs ago...had 3 bouts of it over 3 years with prednisone as the only drug to level out the blood differences. Then I was clear for 5 years, with my doctor keeping check on my blood every 3 months. Last year I got very sick with some kind of flu going around and my blood went nuts. We cleared it with prednisone, and then last fall it came back again. I've been on prednisone since November but am now on 2 1/2 every other day. My high is averaging 14-15 but the retic has just dropped to below 2 and it should be around one. My doctor wants me to stay on prednisone for another couple of months, just to be safe. As much as I don't like the long term effects it can have on a body, I agree with him. I have come to have a bit of fear that this can come back as it wants...but I also have it my goal to never have it come back again. (I was 41 when I got it)
Hi WannaQuilt-

I am very interested in hearing how you are doing. I am a 45 year old female, diagnosed with Idiopathic autoimmune hemolytic anemia in August 2006, had to be hospitalized and get a few transfusions, then went into complete remission (via pred) until a few weeks ago, now back up to an 80 mg dose. I live in Austin and my doctor is talking splenectomy, which I would love to avoid. May I ask how old you are and what your side effects were on Imuran? I am so worried about this-I have 3 sons, the youngest of whom is barely 4 years old and I want to be around to dance at his wedding! Your Dr Savin sounds like a great guy-I have a good hemotologist here in Austin, but I think I need to get a second opinion on this-this is all so weird-I was perfectly healthy 6 months ago!
Mary, I read your last post with interest. I'm in remission from AIHA (1 1/2 years now) but remain Coomb's positive with hemoglobin hovering around 12. About 5 months ago I was scheduled for a hysterectomy but when my hemo doc heard about it he made me cancel. He told me that all major surgeries are considered possible triggers. So now I'm scheduled for a laparoscopy for endometriosis. This is minor surgery I'm told. I've moved to a new city and have all new specialists. I don't see my new hemo doc until 2 days before the procedure is scheduled. I'm starting to wonder if I need to worry 'cause I'd rather endure the pain I'm having than trigger a relapse. The pain in my lower back and ovaries interestingly enough started about the same time I was diagnosed with the hemolytic anemia.


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